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Like to know since I am in charge developing discipleship at my church. Jesus says the harvest is plenty and laborers are few. If we as a church would get better at apprenticing people at where they are at to do church or be the church means of more value than the institution. Meaning my barber was done with church due to the stares and glares from what he has in his shop. Since I have been going there, he has welcomed me to come and have studies at his shop.

It may surprise some of you to know that the Lord never commanded us to build a building. He commanded us to go out and preach the gospel.

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Am I against a building to gather? I can not and should not expect people to walk into a church building. Instead, we have to do ministry like Jesus. Meeting people in their house, at the market place, train stations, schools and even in their temples is what me and my family do. We need to focus on Christianity…not churchianity. Christianity is doing church like Jesus did.

Churchianity is doing church with human ideals. Church is not a place we go to. I have seen the spiritual gifts in operation in my own life according to those listed in 1st Corinthians 12! Our Lord gave churches a report card, so to speak, in Revelation ch. His feedback centered on whether the churches were doing the kinds of things that revealed the desire to further HIS kingdom.

If we really were acting as his hands, eyes, ears, heart, etc. But, imperfect humans that we all are, we tend to make it about us. Spiritual warfare There is a mention of lack of personal prayer. I find it frustrating because I keep telling the pastors we need a dedicated prayer meeting.

Strategic error imo. Finally I think it was a huge mistake to let Bible doctrine become.. The bible passage is posted on the overhead and none of our children see us even carrying out bible anymore.

Instead Of Asking, "What's Wrong with You?"

We avoid the topic of creation. She grew up in our church and now considers herself atheist. But she was very polite. Finally she mentioned my beliefs avid I asked her about evolution. She said she believed in evolution. So I challenged her. This paragraph is incredible.

How Houston tackles homelessness: ‘Give someone a chance’ -

People believe in millions of years because they think that somany more individuals lived over that time. But not if you look at the numbers! This paragraph says that from 4 million years ago until , years ago this would be from Australipethicus to Homo Erectus to Homo Sapien the total number of hominids over that entire time was…10 billion. We have 7. Back then populations were so low — about 50, on average — that it took about 40 years for , hominids to be born.

We have , being born every day. Rare Disease websites will drive this home the bulk of rare diseases are genetic. There ere multiple problems including muscle problems and inability to speak and walk. Another friend was born with a rare generic defect. It affects her eyes, teeth, muscle tone, learning, her feet and her back.

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We need to address life issues and current issues biblically. What I am hearing again and again in this comment section is a Western cultural mindset that we cannot recognize has so deeply grasped the Christian community. We are consumers and we like options, that is why attendance is down.

Spiritual Intuition Meditation l Awaken Your Spirit l Hypnosis for Meeting Your Higher Self

If we were not so free in this country and spiritual community was a rare commodity, maybe our desire to be with the people of God flawed though they are would be so very important to us. Since we have different church options, online options, podcasts, books and streaming sermons from all of our celebrity pastors, why in the world should be plod off to our little community church? How very American of us. With church attendance in rapid decline and skepticism in religious institutions increasing, recent revelations about the behavior of […].

Even though this post is 3 years old, I definitely want to weigh in. I love the church, the body of Christ, but I am struggling with Western church, the institution right now. I have 2 graduate degrees from seminary and am starting a 3rd in Christian apologetics. I know all the reasons I need to remain connected to the local body and long for that healthy connection, yet we have been without a home church for almost a year now.

We moved to our area 8 years ago, and it took us 6 months to find a church home. We were in that church for 3 years, and felt led to join a small church plant that was engaged in heavy outreach ministry in our city. That experience led to some startling and deep wounds through spiritual and leadership abuse; a story that does not bear repeating here. We returned to our original church, worked through forgiveness, and there we stayed until last year. First, I had always struggled because our church was an AG church and there are certain AG tenets that I find to be extrabiblical or not scripturally accurate, and that continued to present a stumbling block for me.

Second, there was increasing compromise in areas of leadership and a lack of sound financial stewardship, and these factors together resulted in our search for a new church home. I am the hindrance in this search more so than my husband, because while I do full understand and realize that the church is full of broken and fallible people, and that no church is perfect, it seems difficult in our geographic area to find a doctrinally sound church that is committed to teaching the explicit Word of God and engaging in genuine discipleship.

These churches do exist, because we have been part of them before in other states. I am still looking, as we have not visited every single church in the area. The weight of the burden of NOT being in church is keenly felt in our home. It sounds like church shopping because it is. Everyone does it to some extent, whether you are shopping until you feel lead to become a part, or you call it shopping until you think you fit in or have something to offer.

With respect, I think we over spiritualize in the church too much and this is one thing that turns many off. We need to be bringing our hurts, hang ups and problems to the loving arms of people in the church who will love us and who in return we can love. Christ talked to people about their problems, even His own as he faced the end in the garden and asked His disciples to pray for Him.

Back to church hopping and I hate It! I so want to belong to Godly Loving church that feels like family instead of a dreadful place to go each week. Debbie, I was a part of a Christian church for decades and loved them like family. Anyway, it was going great the first few years.

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  • There was good fellowship and worship and the Word was always preached. I respect the pastors authority. I stayed a few more weeks. Then, God said to wipe the dust off my feet and leave. This was once a church that was touching the community in positive ways. I so much miss the fellowship there. At one church the pastor, supposed to be a Christian pastor, mixed Christianity with New Age phrases and teachings, and did it more than once, so I had no choice but to leave, in spite of the fact that I was determined to make sure I was correct before I just left.

    My beloved sister, I hear you loud and clear. What is your situation now? Have you found a church home? If not, what is the Holy Spirit speaking to you about where you are to fellowship? During my journey, I went from church to church. I was comfortable in my Baptist church. There are times that God will cause such a hunger and thirst after HIM that we become uncomfortable.

    Who would have thought?!

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    I prayed and asked God to plant me where HE wanted me to be. Be encouraged, my sister. You will find that place where God has made room for your gifts and your heart. His word says that your gifts will make room for you and bring you before great people.

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    That may not look the way you think. It just might be outside of the traditional box, but it will be just for you. Charlene, I hope you realize your friend, Dr. Mack, is more like a witch doctor than a Christian. Excellent way of telling, and good piece of writjng to take data about my presentation topic, which i am going to convey in institution of hgher education.

    Come home discouraged and overwhelmed.