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Both institutions adopted the new admission policies after affirmative action was banned in Texas and California. Their right to do so was upheld by the Supreme Court in April.

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Voter initiatives can pose a more immediate threat to race-based admissions than do lawsuits and Supreme Court decisions. While Catherine Lhamon, the assistant secretary of education for civil rights at the U. Six of the eight states that have banned affirmative action did so in the last eight years. Constitutional affirmative action bans can create a chilling effect on neighboring states, said Matthew Gaertner, a senior research scientist at Pearson.

That can be difficult when universities are told to separate the two, as they were with the Fisher decision, which charges universities with demonstrating that other diversity initiatives are insufficient before considering race as part of the admissions process.

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Affirmative Action, Race, and Ethnic Quotas

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Author discusses her new book on teaching about race and racism. Disagreement over federal regulations on distance education providers. Students across the country faced voting barriers on Election Day.

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Race-Blind Affirmative Action? Take a Tour Permissions. Supreme Court on Dec. The Trump administration is investigating claims that universities are unfairly selecting black and Hispanic applicants over Asian-Americans. Read the Full Report Subscription Required.

All Rights Reserved. Affirmative Action and College Admissions. Should racial and ethnic preferences continue?

Introduction Demonstrators at the U. Affirmative Action. Race in America. Affirmative Action in Undergraduate Admissions. The Black Middle Class. Getting Into College. Rethinking Affirmative Action. Racial Quotas.

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Is Affirmative Action Still the Answer? Affirmative Action Reconsidered. Affirmative Action Under Attack.