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Carat is simply another unit of weight where 1 carat is 0. This measure determines how much colour is in a diamond. It is considered better for the stone to have as little colour as possible so we recommend grade D to H for a whiter diamond. The colour scale runs from D to Z, with D being the highest whitest grading. As you go down the scale toward Z the diamond develops a yellow or brown tint.

This grade measures the amount of imperfections in the diamond. Flawless and Internally Flawless diamonds are extremely rare, so have premium prices. Always ensure you are purchasing an independently certificated diamond to validate its quality, as many diamond retailers self-certify. Above, we have listed the organisations in order of reliability and strictness. GIA is the most reliable certification body and sets the benchmark for the diamond industry.

Carat weight is one of the fundamental factors in determining the price of a diamond. Opting for a 0. You do not need to select the highest quality to get something that is equally as beautiful.

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In most cases, there are no visible imperfections in VS2 diamonds and are priced lower than VVS2 upward. To the naked eye, there is little difference between very good and excellent cuts.

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Fancy shape diamonds also offer better value compared to round brilliants. Often confused with a diamond shape, the cut actually determines how well the diamond sparkles. We recommend a cut grade of Excellent or Very Good as the sparkle for each grade looks similar to the naked eye. The cut grading currently only applies to Round Brilliant diamonds as they are technically easier to measure in terms of light performance. Other shapes do not have an official cut grade, but 77 Diamonds provide an estimated cut grading based on equivalent parameters. An excellent cut grading will have the best light performance, mainly influenced by the relationship of surface table and the depth of the diamond not too deep or too shallow.

We recommend a polish grading of Excellent or Very Good to ensure a smooth finish. After a diamond is cut, each facet must be polished. The process can leave surface scratches or marks.


If a diamond has no scratches or very minor ones, the polish is of a high degree. Scratches, lines, burn marks created by excessive heat, or rough girdles could downgrade the polish rating of a diamond. We recommend a symmetry grading of Excellent or Very Good to maximise sparkle.

When the facets of a diamond are well balanced and aligned, the stone has symmetry, which is critical to creating optimal brilliance and scintillation. Errors in symmetry include facets that are not properly aligned, improperly shaped facets, or an off-centre table reduce brilliance. Diamonds that are said to be fluorescent contain particles that emit a visible usually blue glow when exposed to UV lighting. In rare cases, high levels of fluorescence can make stones appear milky or hazy, although for the most part fluorescence does not generally impact beauty or sparkle and can even make some lower colours I, J, K, L, etc.

Nonetheless, fluorescent diamonds are usually cheaper and provided the effect is not readily visible may offer good value for money. The ratio denotes how the formation of a diamond's shape. A round diamond has a ratio of approximately 1, but the larger the ratio, the longer and thinner a diamond shape will become. To request a consultation with one of our experts in our London, Manchester or Frankfurt showrooms, please fill out the form below. For questions or comments, please fill in the details below and we will respond within 24 hours. This site uses cookies: By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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Lifetime Warranty. Shop offers. Limited time! Access ends in 0 0. Item Selection Default. Diamond Selection Default. Food brings us together. Seasoned travelers know that sampling the local cuisine is one of the easiest ways to experience native culture firsthand. Can't face the day without coffee? Visitors to Indonesia can indulge their caffeine craving with a hot cup of kopi luwak , the most expensive coffee in the world. Why so pricey? Cats, of course! The civet droppings are collected by local farmers to be washed, roasted, and processed as coffee. Why is this "cat-poop coffee" so special?

One theory holds that civets eat only the best cherries, creating a natural selection for quality. Others believe that a fermentation process occurs in the luwaks' digestive tracts, which reduces bitterness and improves the natural flavor. But not everyone agrees; Tim Carman, a food critic for The Washington Post , tried kopi luwak a few years ago and claimed that "It tasted just like … Folgers.

Mexican cuisine continues to be one of the most popular choices in the U. Go looking for authentic Mexican meals, however, and you just might find a steaming bowl of pozole , a soup with significance dating back to the Aztecs.

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Pozole begins with hominy a type of dried maize and meat typically pork , includes a variety of mouth-watering spices, and is topped with fresh ingredients like lime and radish. Historically, pre-conquest Aztecs may have used freshly sacrificed human flesh in their pozole in lieu of pork, but there's no need to worry about that these days. Steaks can be found nearly everywhere, but adventurous carnivores should consider a trip to Norway to track down a hearty plate of smalahove.

The brain and other organs are removed, with the exception of the tongue, eye, and ear, which are generally considered the best morsels.

The hearty meal is a Norwegian holiday tradition and is typically consumed the last Sunday before Christmas. Grilled meat is a staple around the globe, but Argentines take particular pride in their steak traditions. Their outdoor cooking style, known as asado , has a rich heritage and rigorous rules to follow absolutely no gas, briquettes, or lighter fluid allowed, only wood and hard lump charcoal!

Done properly, asado is an all-day process, where each cut of meat gets plenty of time to slowly roast—Argentines generally prefer their steaks medium-to-well-done. The Vikings found a plentiful supply of Greenlandic shark in the waters around Iceland, but soon discovered that toxins in the shark meat made it poisonous to consume. Their solution was to behead the shark, then bury the carcass underground for six to 12 weeks to allow liquids to seep out and the rotting meat to ferment. Some modern Icelanders cure the meat in a plastic box rather than underground.