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The commandos crawl slowly through the wet jungle. The American squad leader aims his MP5A3 and the others follow suit. They all fire in unison, 3 firing the M4 Carbine, and the French duck for cover. One commando is struck multiple times and blood spreads everywhere. One American is struck right through the throat and he gurgles and chokes in his blood. The French squad leader places a M18 Claymore near him and tells his men to fall back.

The Marines chase after them. One of them trips the Claymore and it kills two of them.

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He hides behind a bush and sees the French celebrating their supposed victory. He pulls the pin from his grenade and counts to three. He then throws his grenade at them.

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He dives for cover and reloads his pistol. The commando leader pulls out his sidearm, the Glock 17, and fires at the American. He waits for all 17 rounds to be dispensed. The American hears the French commando reload and runs forward.

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He sees the Frenchmen pop up with the pistol but the Marine breaks his arm and he screams in agony. The experts believed that the US Marine Recons were deadlier due impart to their superior ranged attacks, as well as greater stealth. Little do they know that five French Naval Commandos are watching them.

He is blown to kingdom come. The rest of the SEALs rush to the door of the compound before the Commandos can activate anymore mines.

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The leader places C-4 on the door. A Commando inside goes to get his UMP45, but then the door explodes and falls on top of him. The Commandos grab their guns and a firefight begins. The rest of the French Commandos retreat and go in different rooms. The SEAL tries a thrust and misses. He searches and sees the SEAL leader.

Everyone voted for the SEALs, including myself. Kampfschwimmer French Naval Commandos. Aboard, a squad of 5 French Naval Commandos began work resorting communications, having just captured the crew. A small band of soldiers climbing onto the boat. One Kampfschwimmer advanced armed with his G36K.

Suddenly he is cut down by a burst of gunfire. Two commandos then broke from cover; one however was hit in the chest. The two struggled for a moment, before the Kampfschwimmer kneed him in the chest and followed it up with a kick. Finally, she fired a burst from his FAMAS, the force of the bullets knocking his body into the water below.

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The other commando turned and fired a round into her shoulder; however it was not a kill shot. Suddenly another Kampfschwimmer fired a burst from his G36K, hitting the French commando in the head. Dropping her MP5, the female Kampfschwimmer drew her pistol with her right hand and joined her comrades. The Kampfschwimmers approached the room where the final French commando and the crew of the ship were in. The Kampfschwimmer leader opened to door slowly gesturing for the other uninjured Kampfschwimmer to enter first.

And yet another mission accomplished for Germany, all thanks to the Kampfschwimmer.

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In a close fight, the Kampfschwimmer narrowly seize victory. This is due to their medium range and long range weapons being lighter and more reliable then the French weaponry. Whilst the French had a better side arm and more experience, the Kampfschwimmer brought better training, making them utilize their superior weaponry better than the commandos.

In the end, having a better pistol is not as important as having a better assault rifle, and that's why the Kampfschwimmer won. Be prepared for anything. Conversation continues throughout the base as the Green Beret soldiers enjoy their night. The door ramp flies down as the Frenchmen charge out, guns aimed at the structure the Green Berets reside in. Before they can get any shots off, two loud shots ring through the air, as two Frenchmen fall to the sand, with bullets from an SR in them.

The other Frenchmen fall to the ground and flick their flashlights off, avoiding detection. Silence runs through the Green Beret squad as they all look out to the beach to see nothing. Logan pointing his SR out at the beach. Just as he says that, another shot rings through the air.

Logan is unresponsive. The Naval Commandos wait in the sand until the right moment, then pop out, releasing a barrage of bullets unto the Green Berets. Only one is killed, but all the other Americans scatter and find cover. We have to retaliate! The bullets from the French soldiers just keep coming. He falls backwards off the dock. Keep picking them off, these Americans are weak.

The Frenchmen, now not all flanked from one side, move to the docks to find better cover. They successfully move, finding better cover behind metal and wooden crates. One Green Beret, drenched in sweat, aims carefully down the sight of his M4A1. Man down! They disappear behind cover, causing the bullets to stop. A long pause in induced, the Naval Commandos and Green Beret all looking at their own squads. A Green Beret acts, slowly creeping up to a crate. He looks over the crate, only to be grabbed, pulled over and stabbed in the neck on the other side of the crates.

Combat swimmer infiltrating a harbor with a rubber boat.

The two remaining Green Berets see their friend die as they both look on in horror. They see no Frenchmen, and they quickly find cover behind a guardhouse. The 1 Frenchmen sent out to scout sees a Green Beret turn the corner, and instantly fires his SG at him, riddling him with bullets. He falls over, unresponsive. The Frenchmen turns the other corner to see Beretta M9 in his face before getting shot. The other 2 Frenchmen look on at the two corpses on the dock, and decide to advance.

The American hears the footsteps and goes around the other side of the guardhouse, firing his M4A1 at his enemies. He kills one with 2 shots that tear through his neck, while the other Frenchmen rolls behind a crate. The final Frenchmen calls out to him, taunting him. You try to protect the world, but you are just hurting it.

The American retaliates by catching his arm before he can thrust the knife into his stomach. He pushes the Frenchmen off of him, and watches him tumble over the crates. Before the Frenchmen can recover, he hits him with the butt of his weapon, knocking him to the ground. Simply put, the Green Berets are what we like to call, better. To see the orginal battle, weapons, and votes, click here. Army Rangers. Alfa Group. Military Army.