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My heart was racing before the first shot. I found myself having to do little rip curls to build my arms up. These towns solely made up of women and children were common in those times. We all talked about it on a Monday, and I think for a lot of people that makes them very nostalgic.

So I would set myself a little 5pm routine on a Sunday when I was filming in North Carolina; I would watch each episode, and then wait for the next week. Dockery talks about acting with sincere vocational reverence bordering on that of a thespian luvvie. As soon as I walked into the building, I felt it. But for me it became everything. Walking into a room with 20 other actors, I just knew: this is it.

It has taken her until now, however, to feel confident enough in her creative judgments to assert herself on set or in rehearsals. Where these inhibitions came from is another mystery to Dockery. And I have huge admiration for those women who have come forward. Nothing much happened. I ask if she sees any danger of the uproar exhausting itself before anything has really changed. Dockery looks appalled.

We cannot let that happen. It feels like the floodgates have opened, and I think that the casting-couch system — well, the couch should be burned.

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I just think something has to change. And this is the start of it. There was this feeling after John died of, what do I do now? And so work was the next step. I just had to work. To throw myself into the next job was the only option for me. But after two or three years, we seem to think a death is no longer recent.

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It will always be a part of you. My decision was to keep going. Stylist: Melanie Wilkinson, assisted by Bemi Shaw.

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Blouse by Off-White. Dress by Alessandra Rich. Commenting on this piece? Facebook Twitter Pinterest. The title track is beguiling praise to a smooth kisser, held steady by congas and swayed by braying horns.

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Over the last two decades, J. Lo has been a Latina who makes pop music — but rarely has Our Lady of the Bronx felt settled in the Latin pop market. After making a dazzling breakthrough as the lead in biopic, Selena , Lopez was approached by Tommy Mottola, former Sony Music exec and then-husband of Mariah Carey. The hybrid song would foreshadow her international pop reign, paving the way for other American-born Latina pop stars to flourish, such as Selena Gomez and Becky G.

As First Lady of the Fania All-Stars, Cruz spent a lifetime unapologetically radiating with what we now call blackgirlmagic, putting on for black women all over the diaspora. Its hopeful spirit even made its way to the divine, with Juanes performing the song before Pope Francis in That is, until Sony BMG stepped in to distribute in Armed with a heady, acerbic flow skilled enough to put a piece MC crew to shame, the legendary Puerto Rican wordsmith is too quick-witted, too fly and too formidable when seizing her solo voice.

Even while hanging with the hardest, horniest, or most macho guys in reggaeton, Ivy Queen stands her ground as she lends her pipes to empower women everywhere. I want women to identify when they hear me. Julieta Venegas was the queen of Latin alternative rock… until she decided to burn her kingdom to the ground.

Gone were the raging guitars and cathartic vocals; in came the bright synths and sing-a-long melodies. This new path made Venegas a chart smash, while more importantly, opening a path for Latina artists to embrace the pop charts on their own artistic terms.


It then quickly devolves into lists of random things, from occupations to cities to Mexican football clubs. The song, which also reached the Number One spot on the pop charts of at least 55 other countries, features Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean. Bomba has been keeping it lit ever since. There is no resisting this song. Don Omar, Puerto Rican reggaetonero and longtime frenemy of Daddy Yankee , has been known to deal out some bangers.

The result was a style dubbed tribal guarachero , an amalgam mixing regional Mexican styles and Afro-Cuban rhythms over an electronic framework. But where those efforts largely lived in the fringe, 3BallMTY were the first to go truly global.

'I believe in music the same way some people believe in fairy tales'

A commercial success, the track garnered the group a Number 1 position on the Billboard Latin Songs chart. A tribute to Paris Is Burning , the documentary chronicling the New York ballroom scene, the music video stars queer Chileans of many genders, lording over the runway with finesse. The song went on to reach 16x Platinum in the US. The official video, the 11th most-viewed video on YouTube today, was the first Spanish-language music video to reach more than 1 billion views. Iglesias later released two additional Portuguese renditions, separately aimed at Brazilian and Portuguese audiences, once again steering an already-global hit into new territory.

As Mr. The fact that this reggaeton-meets-Latin-pop hybrid is primarily in Spanish further amplifies its universal appeal. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Load Previous.

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