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According to the report, the number of robberies in the country had risen from reported offenses per , people in to 1, in Another decade later, that number would jump to 3, The only point on which the police and Swedish government would not budge was the hostages. Olsson wanted them in the car with him, outfitted with helmets and bulletproof vests. The police refused, leading to the six-day stand-off. What did Ehnmark—and other Swedish citizens—think was happening in America? The U.

Scott, a Northwestern University history professor, wrote in But with the arrival of the Vietnam War, the spate of political assassinations of the s, and the general turmoil brewing between the counterculture and establishment, the American dream was turning into an American delusion. This reckoning was also bringing darker aspects of the U. Lillibridge wrote in These men were all real, but years of mythologizing turned them into beloved, fictionalized characters that symbolized American individualism.

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The outlaw, as the folklore scholar Richard E. Even then, the outlaw deploys violence sparingly, sticking to an unusual yet rigid moral code. In reality, several American outlaws did not pass this test. According to folklore expert Kent L.

The Stockholm Syndrome of an Abusive Relationship

These historical details were usually dropped from their narratives to maintain their popular image as folk heroes. But by the time of the Norrmalmstorg robbery, violence was becoming less of a dealbreaker for outlaws in the American imagination.

These Depression-era criminals were credited with a string of bank robberies, kidnappings, jailbreaks, and a suspected 13 murders—and while the movie obscured some aspects of their story, it did not shy away from their violence. Bonnie and Clyde features multiple shootouts with law enforcement, as well the callous killing of a civilian.

Clyde shoots a bank teller in the face. Bonnie and Clyde eventually die in a bloody hail of bullets, in a scene that marked one of the first major uses of squibs in Hollywood history. The violence was thus no small part of the movie; it was unavoidable and kind of the point.

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These kind of antiheroes—who represented an updated version of the outlaw folk figure, with less smoothing around the edges—became increasingly visible in Hollywood as a new generation of filmmakers pumped out bolder and bloodier movies, many with roots in U.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid cast the charismatic Paul Newman and Robert Redford as the infamous outlaws, who, like Bonnie and Clyde, went out in a siege of gunfire. Badlands fictionalized the s murder spree of teen couple Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate. But what happens when someone takes an outlaw figure from American history, folklore, and popular culture and transfers that idea to a totally different country? Over the course of the six days, Olsson also soured on his American caricature.

He dropped the accent and disguise as the hours turned into days, and was soon conversing candidly with his captives and accomplice in Swedish. He was not, in the end, an American outlaw. He was Swedish, and no amount of cowboy cosplay could hide that. JSTOR is a digital library for scholars, researchers, and students. By: Kristin Hunt. Subscribe Issue Archive.

[The Stockholm syndrome. On the psychological reaction of hostages and hostage-takers].

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What Is Catastrophizing? Neel Burton M. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. What Underlies Stockholm Syndrome? Why some hostages become emotionally attached to their captors. Submitted by Romeo Vitelli on March 25, - am. The double-bind Submitted by Kelly Cash on March 25, - am. Why do people nowadays think that Stockholm Syndrome and Lima Syndrome are so normal? Submitted by Anonymous on April 26, - am.

That is just sick, imho! Imho, that's not normal, and I've been openly attacked for saying so.

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It's disgusting. Women and children Submitted by Keith Henson on September 18, - pm. Generally the children were killed when women were abducted. It's not different from other mammal species such as lions or gorillas.

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